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I hired a modern employee to toil at the marijuana dispensary, one of the first questions that the guy wanted to think was when he was going to get paid plus how much his salary was going to be… I politely informed the guy that he was not going to be receiving a salary; He was going to be an minutely employee plus I provided him the rate… The other wanted dispensary pays all of our employees above minimum wage.

I told the employee that the schedule comes out on Wednesday.

He is welcome to come to the marijuana dispensary to check the schedule plus write down the days that he needs to work. I can also access the software program plus print out an individual schedule for any employee. The employee came down on Wednesday plus wrote down all of the minutes by hand. I asked the guy if he wanted myself and others to print out a copy of his schedule, because it was the first one. He did not need a copy. The guy was supposed to be at toil on Friday, although he did not show up. He was there on Sunday plus Monday; When I looked at the timekeeping software, the guy was manually entered to toil for 8 minutes on Friday. I only looked at the time keeping software to make sure that I did have him tied up on Friday plus that has when I saw that time discrepancy. I have no system who logged the guy into the system for 8 minutes of work, although I planned to find out. out.

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