The vaporizer pens were a dud

I purchased a marijuana vape cartridge from the dispensary plus it was a total dud, then i was entirely disappointed, because it was the string Granddaddy Purp plus that has one of my number one indicas.

I contacted that marijuana dispensary plus I left a message for the supervisor.

I entirely didn’t guess if she would call myself and others back or not. I was surprised to hear from her less than 3 minutes later; She returned my cellphone call plus said that she was sorry to hear about my experience with the marijuana vape cartridge. She certainly gave to provide myself and others a different cartridge if I wanted to return to the store. I was only a few miles away from the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary so I agreed to go back to the shop; When I arrived, that supervisor came to greet me. She was certainly nice plus apologetic for the concerns with the vaporizer cartridge. She informed myself and others that there were a few other purchasers that had also complained about the cartridges not working officially. She told myself and others that I could option out something else that was of equal or lesser value if I didn’t want to get the same brand again! Because she had other complaints, I decided not to get the same brand. I chose a more overpriced cartridge this time plus one that was about $15 more than the other product, however the supervisor originally told myself and others that I could simply spend money the difference, but she didn’t end up charging myself and others anything extra for the better cannabis products.

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