They offered myself and others a sample of marijuana mints

When the cannabis delivery driver arrived last week, he had a sample of marijuana gummies in the bag, but he told myself and others it was a modern product, and the manufacturer had given them samples, however they were handing them out to their proper clients, and their cannabis delivery recipients… I thanked him, and thought the samples had to be some low THC product, although I was wrong.

There was 100mg of THC in the package, and only 5 gummies.

I called my buds and told them the cannabis delivery driver had been here, and he offered us some extra goodies; When my friends go to the house, they could not wait to try the gummies. They all had the same idea. They were going to put in an online order, and have the cannabis delivery sent to my house, just to see if they got free marijuana gummies. I could not know these guys. They all put in small cannabis orders, but none of them got free gummies when the cannabis delivery driver arrived. He said it was 1 free sample per address. If they wanted freebies, they would need to have the cannabis delivery done to their own homes, and from then on, whenever I got a cannabis delivery and there were samples in the bag, I had to call the guys. They would put in their orders, and let all the people think if they had samples when their cannabis delivery was made, then usually it was only 1 other guy, but it was regularly enough to share. It was a crapshoot, but it made the cannabis delivery person laugh at our game.

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