Value shopping at the cannabis store

With the economy in such a serious state, I have to save cash any way I can.

  • The first step was not going out to eat except for on a special occasion.

When I crunched the numbers for my bi-weekly budget, I was shocked at how much cash I spent going out for food and drinks. One beer at the bar costs as much as a six-pack at the store, so I had to break way back on going out for stuff appreciate that. Another way I started to save cash was doing price comparisons between the local medical cannabis dispensaries, and keeping my eye out for sales and bargains, however no a single ever thinks about value-shopping for medical cannabis, however it has been saving myself and others at least a hundred dollars a month! The key to saving cash on medical cannabis is to not be too choosy. I used to only buy certain strains of medical cannabis, but I have l earned how to open my mind to new products. In the past I never would have bought a more than five pack of cannabis drinks, however they were on sale for 72% off so I took a chance. After a single sip I realized why they were on sale – the cannabis drinks tasted appreciate dirty pond water! On the other hand, they got myself and others entirely stoned. I have also l earned to appreciate vape products, because there constantly seem to be a host of vape carts on the sales table. I miss smoking the high end medical cannabis appreciate Purple Haze or Blue Dream, however at least I’m saving cash.


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