A new cannabis store opened five minutes away

Recently, someone just opened a new cannabis store just down the street from my house. I could not even believe my good luck when I saw them building something in one of the vacant lots on the street and it turned out to be a new, modern cannabis dispensary. This is not one of those dumpy run down looking places that you see in the bad part of town, either. This business is high class and the cannabis products that they sell are of amazing quality, too. I really can’t believe how lucky I am that this place moved in literally right down the street from me. I used to have to drive nearly three hours to get all of my cannabis products, and that used to drive me crazy. I hated having to make a special trip to drive all the way there to get my cannabis edibles and my cannabis oil pen refills. It was really annoying because sometimes I would run out and then I would not have time to go all the way out to the cannabis dispensary. I would be out of products for weeks at a time sometimes and that was not good! I went to the grand opening celebration that they had at the cannabis store and I was pretty amazed at all of the different products that they have available on their shelves. I had never even seen some of their stuff before. They gave away some discount coupons when they had the grand opening and so I am planning to go there and stock up when I get paid.

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