After smoking marijuana all day, I was tired

After smoking marijuana all day, I was really tired.

My friends and I went to the lake and we spent most of the day fishing. We started off the morning smoking marijuana that we bought at the dispensary. It was Jack’s idea to stop at the dispensary by our apartment to pick up an infused marijuana pre-roll. Nobody else in the car seemed to think it was a bad idea and Jack was offering to pay for the infused marijuana pre-roll. We smoked the marijuana joint before we got out on the boat. After we got out to our favorite fishing spot, we smoked another infused marijuana pre-roll. We spent the day catching fish after fish. Some of them were too small to keep, but a lot of the fish were large enough to keep and filet. We smoked another infused marijuana pre-roll when we got back to the dock. I couldn’t get the smell of the fish out of my nose after we were done cleaning and getting each one of the 27 fish that my friends and I caught. I smoked another bowl of marijuana in the car when I was driving back to the house. After smoking marijuana all day, I was really tired. I don’t usually smoke that much infused bud. I laid down on my bed and I fell asleep before I had a chance to take a shower. I woke up around 3:00 in the morning and I still smelled fish everywhere in the house. Even after I got a hot shower and turned on the air conditioner, I still couldn’t get the smell out of the air.
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