Are marijuana product delivery services free?

Now that the local cannabis dispensary was offering delivery services, I was wondering if their marijuana product delivery services were free.

It was free when it was only for medical marijuana, but would there be a difference for recreational marijuana product delivery.

I didn’t know if I should call the dispensary, or just go online and check it out. I didn’t want to bother anyone at the marijuana dispensary, because they had become really busy since they legalized recreational marijuana. My brother said he thought the marijuana dispensary was getting more business than the liquor store. I didn’t think this was true, but I didn’t drink liquor. I only wanted marijuana product delivery services, because marijuana was what my friends preferred when we partied. He reminded me that I had to be twenty-one if I wanted to buy marijuana products from the dispensary. I asked if he would make the purchase for me. He would still be here when my girlfriends arrived. He could sign for the marijuana product delivery service. He shook his head. He told me he wasn’t getting in trouble for giving marijuana products to a minor. If I wanted it, I would need to find someone else. I was really upset with him, but I knew he was right. If one of the other girls brought marijuana products with her, then we could use that, but without my brother, I couldn’t even get marijuana product delivery services. I would need to show my ID, and I wasn’t 21 yet. I called my bestie and told her I couldn’t get marijuana product delivery, even if it was free. We still partied, but not with marijuana.

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