Before medical marijuana, my epilepsy was out of control.

I was talking to my brother about his epilepsy. He told me he hadn’t had seizures for years, but he was suddenly having one at least once a month. He knew I had seizures when I was younger, and started with them again when I started going through menopause. I told him I did the same thing I did for my anxieties. I used medical marijuana. He laughed and said his wife wouldn’t let him smoke marijuana anymore. She thought it was a bad habit, and he had to quit using it. I remembered when we were younger and his wife was a bigger pothead than he was, and he agreed, but she had changed, and said she was now grown up. I told him that if he wanted to get his epilepsy under control without a lot of side effects, he should go to a doctor and get a medical marijuana ID card. He didn’t tell his wife what he was doing, but he kept in touch with me. It wasn’t until he had his medical marijuana ID card in hand that he told his wife. He said he was going to the medical marijuana dispensary and wanted to know if she would like to ride along. He wasn’t sure if she understood what he said, because she was hard of hearing, but she hopped into the car with him. When he stopped at the marijuana dispensary, she asked what they were stopping there for. He showed her his medical marijuana ID card and asked her to wait in the car. He came out with his medical marijuana and told her he was tired of having seizures. All she said was okay.

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