Can’t bring medical weed in the airport

I am a medical marijuana patient.

I figured having a medical cannabis card would be like holding a driver’s license or a vaccination card.

I figured no matter where I went, it would be good. I planned a trip to a big city within my state. I didn’t even leave my home state! I took my medical cannabis card and my vape and oils. I went through the TSA precheck and immediately got stopped. My bag got flagged and all my stuff was pulled out. The agent told me that I can’t travel with medical weed. The card doesn’t matter when it comes to airlines. Even though I wasn’t leaving my medical state, it still wasn’t allowed. No cannabis in airports. My oils were tossed in the trash! I got to keep the vape and my card at least. When I arrived in my city I was able to buy more but only enough for the trip. I then had to dump whatever was left once I needed to fly again. I read online that I technically am not even allowed to drive my medical weed to a different area as well. It is that tightly regulated. How weird is that? If I tried to cross a state line, that could result in serious trouble for me too. So a medical weed card isn’t really good for anything moral of the story. I found that quite shocking. I thought it was like getting an all access pass to carrying marijuana where I wanted it.

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