I have changed our mind about cannabis products

As I have grown older, I have changed our mind a whole lot about a lot of unusual things.

I suppose that’s just the way it is when you get older, and you live & you learn & you adapt as you go.

At least, that is the way that it has been with me. I do care about reading modern things & studying up on modern scientific findings & things appreciate that. I am not a lady who feels appreciate I constantly have to stick with one way of thinking. I am constantly willing to listen & to change our mind if I get modern information that makes sense to me. That’s how I ended up using cannabis products recently. When I was younger, I used to be absolutely outspoken about the dangers of cannabis products. I thought that it was basically evil & that no one should use it… Over the years, though, I have entirely educated myself on cannabis & the great things about it. I recognize that it can help people with all kinds of things, from pain management to weight problems to chronic anxiety problems! Even though I was taught as a child that cannabis USAge was bad, I recognize absolutely unusual about it these days. I suppose that this just goes to show you that you can change your mind, given the right information & the right circumstances. I’m much more relaxed about things appreciate that these days. My feelings about cannabis & cannabis oil products are entirely a whole lot unusual now than they used to be.

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