I have my best friend to thank for my cannabis dispensary job

My best friendJack is a super swell guy.

We have been friends since private school, but Jack and I also worked at the grocery store together for 6 months.

Jack got a job at the local medical cannabis shop. I wanted to get a job at the local medical cannabis shop too, even though I wasn’t 21 years old yet and I had about 6 months to wait. Jack said that he would get me a job at the cannabis shop when I was old enough. I turned 21 years old a couple of weeks ago and I went to the dispensary to talk to my friend. He was still working at the medical cannabis shop. I asked Jack if he could get me a job and he told me to fill out an application online. He provided me with the website link and address. I went online to fill out the application. I used Jack’s name as a reference. He told the manager at the marijuana dispensary all about me and she pulled my resume and job application up in a search. It was much easier for the manager to find me since she knew my name. I went to see the manager of the cannabis shop the next day and I interviewed with her and then I interviewed the next day with the regional manager. I started working at the medical cannabis shop a couple of afternoons later. I honestly like the job and Jack made good on his promise to get me hired at the cannabis shop when I was old enough to do the job.

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