I like products with high THC content

My relationship with marijuana has changed a lot over the years.

When I first started smoking cannabis in college, I was getting it from whatever friend had access or a connection to another dealer.

Back then you could either get brick weed that was shipped over the border from Mexico, or you could buy higher quality cannabis called “chronic” or “hydro.” The Mexican marijuana was vacuum-pressed into bricks and was full of stems and seeds. The quality wasn’t great, but it would at least get you high to some extent. This cannabis was also typically full of pesticides or other chemicals. On the other hand, chronic or hydro was typically cannabis grown indoors by any number of home growers. Usually the cannabis came seedless, which meant that the plants were non-pollinated females. Another name for this type of cannabis is sensimilla, but that name isn’t nearly as common these days as “top shelf” or “crippy.” But now that you can buy cannabis from dispensaries in a large number of states, you have the choice of different quality levels at different price points. You can get mid-grade cannabis that isn’t full of seeds and chemicals, or you can get high quality weed with a high THC content. I like the higher THC products because they often feel stronger. If it’s a concentrate or cannabis flower products, I also look for a high terpene content as well. Terpenes often account for the various strain-specific effects that you get in one strain versus another. With a high THC content combined with a high terpene content, you’re in for a strong batch of medical cannabis.


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