I look forward to getting by local cannabis spot

It’s no secret that I enjoy cannabis.

I’ve never felt that it was any sort of weird thing or something to hide.

Then again, I’ve sort of designed my life around doing my thing and being authentic. Marijuana just comes with it for me. I first used recreational marijuana in college. I was actually a senior in college before I tried weed. I was a studious individual and just never let up. I was on the verge of just losing it when my girlfriend at the time turned me on to some purple cannabis. That was the beginning of a life long connection to cannabis. I enjoy many different sorts of cannabis products. I still enjoy cannabis flower products. But I’ve also really been pleased with the evolution of cannabis products. Edibles are my new favorite thing. When I first started using recreational marijuana, edibles were something you had to make yourself. I was too stingy with my sativa or whatever hybrid strains I had to put it inside a brownie mix. And I’m glad I didn’t do that because that’s exactly the wrong way to make a pot brownie. These days, I can walk into my local cannabis spot and there is a vast array of cannabis edibles. Their are gummies, cookies, licorice, suckers and just about any other sort of edible you could think of. I also think I may try out the cannabis oil pen down the road. Just the very fact that I can go to the cannabis dispensary to shop for marijuana for sale is really the whole point. I’m just really thankful it’s finally legal.