I really like the new marijuana bowl

My wife and I took our smallest dog for a walk and when we came back the other dogs were on the bed and they had torn the whole place up.

The lamp was on the floor and there was paper from the trash all over the bed and the floor.

My brand new marijuana bowl fell to the floor and it was broken into a couple of pieces. There was no way for me to repair the marijuana bowl, even if I had a whole tube of super glue. I really liked the marijuana bowl a lot and I was aggravated with the dogs that they caused so much destruction in the 15 minutes that my wife and I were gone with the other dog. My wife tried to cheer me up by taking me to the smoke shop so I could buy a new marijuana bowl. We went to the smoke shop near the supermarket. I know that it is open until midnight. The place wasn’t very busy, but there were a couple of people hanging out outside of the business. I made sure to lock the doors, because I had a bunch of electronics in the front seat. My wife and I looked at all of the different bowls for smoking marijuana. We also looked at water bongs and other pipes that the store owner had available. I chose a new marijuana bowl that is red, green, and blue. It has lots of different flecks of color and it is very heavy. The handle of the bowl is also ergonomically shaped. I hope the dogs don’t break this one.



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