I would be fine with working on a Friday

I have been hounding our boss for a while, because I want her to give me an opportunity as a delivery driver at the medical and recreational marijuana shop! I was hired to work inside of the shop, although I think that the drivers make a lot more money than I do. I asked our boss a couple of weeks ago if she could put me on one of the shifts for delivery. She told me that all of the drivers have to get their hours, so it wasn’t going to be easy for her to put me on the schedule. I understood exactly what she meant, because the drivers need to be able to get their hours just like everyone else. I was supposed to have the last Tuesday night off and my girlfriend and I were going to go to dinner and the movies. I have not had a Tuesday night off in a long time, so our wife was super enthusiastic for the two of us to go out, my boss called me at 6:00 and she asked if I wanted to option up a shift as a delivery driver. She told me this was our opportunity to get a shift and show her what I could do. My girlfriend begged me not to take the shift at the marijuana dispensary, but this was our only opportunity to prove that I was extreme when I said I wanted to work as a driver and not inside of the dispensary. My girlfriend still refuses to take our calls and it’s been a week since I took the shift.

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