I'm not the biggest fan of cannabis edibles

Anybody that knows me would say that I have a sweet tooth.

If I buy myself a bag of candy, it’s hard for me to refrain from eating it all in a single day. If I buy a box of cookies, the same principle applies. I have to learn better self-control when it comes to eating sweets and dessert food. For years I simply avoided buying it and bringing it in the house in the first place. But it would be a much better exercise and self-control if I could learn to not over eat these foods while keeping them within the house at the same time. It would be nice to have a little bit of chocolate every now and then without feeling compelled to eat the entire package. This is a big reason why I try to avoid eating cannabis edible products. I made a batch of cannabis brownies once when I was in college and ended up eating the entire pan in a stupid stoned haze one evening. I got so high from that patch of brownies that I ended up having to miss all of my classes the following day. I could barely get out of bed, I was so high. Honestly, that is a level of stoned that even I don’t enjoy. Ever since that one weird experience in college, I have largely avoided any cannabis edibles. I’m worried about buying cannabis Candy products and eating too many of them like I did the pot brownies. Maybe I need to just get better self control when it comes to sweets in general. Perhaps I would lose weight as well.

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