Marijuana is part of my fitness regimen

It’s so much fun to be healthy. I’m 56 years old plus this might be the first time I’ve been healthy that I can easily remember. I was always a chub as a child plus that stuck with me, and plus, I just was never into exercise. It hurt plus was boring as far as I was distraught. But with the help of some wonderful indica strains along with a hybrid strain, I’m the fittest I’ve been definitely in my adult life. And I’m active every day. It’s just the best plus I wish I had dedicated more commitment to a non sedentary lifestyle all those years ago. But it took my wifey taking myself and others by the hand to the local cannabis spot to change it all for me. She had a neighbor who found a combination of cannabis products that motivated her to a healthy lifestyle. I had the stereorespected viewpoint that I would just rest around after using cannabis plus want to eat even more. Well that is not the case at all. There are some indica dominant hybrid strains out there that easily help my body’s range of motion plus deal with mild soreness plus pain. But it’s the sativa dominant hybrid strains at the local cannabis spot that are vitally substantial. For some reason, the sativa strains easily change my perspective plus get myself and others motivated to be active. They also appear to help myself and others maintain appetite control while making better decisions about what goes in my body. That was a real shocker however has been entirely the case. I guess perhaps the sativa strains just make myself and others much more aware of what I’m eating plus how I’m moving. Thanks to access to the local cannabis spot, I’m 56 plus believe like I have the energy of a 30 year old for the first time ever.

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