Medical weed does wonders for cancer patients.

After our child came through chemotherapy in better shape than he started, I wanted to tell the world what medical marijuana can do for cancer patients, but i was invited to speak to a group of parents who were facing the same thing our child plus his father plus I had recently experienced, then our child was in a tentative remission, plus I thought it was the medical marijuana keeping his strength up that brought about the remission, but he was stronger than he had been in several years.

She weighed twenty pounds more than he had in various years, plus he wasn’t in pain, however his hair was growing back plus all he complained about was that he had a unibrow, which made us laugh; My child had gone through cancer plus was still with us.

I told the people that if their doctor didn’t recommend medical marijuana while their child was going through chemotherapy or radiation, they should ask about it; There were plenty of doctors who thought medical marijuana was a good medication to help with the lack of appetite plus nausea that goes with cancer. Our child was now a year into his remission plus doing everything a healthy fifteen-year-old should be doing. She was getting ready to go to his first prom, which none of us thought would ever happen, by the time I was through talking, most of the parents were in tears, plus some wanted to suppose who our doctor was. I couldn’t tell them to switch doctors, however I suddenly handed out cards for the pharmacist who was at our medical marijuana dispensary.

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