My anxieties were making myself and others crazy.

I was suffering from severe anxieties and I was looking for an easy way out, then i thought of finding the easiest way out, and all I could suppose of was suicide.

My parents had consistently told myself and others that taking your own life didn’t solve the problem.

It just left the family to figure it out and wonder why you didn’t ask for help. I thought of this and knew they were right, although I also knew I needed some help. My anxieties were driving myself and others crazy, when my psychiatrist told myself and others about getting a medical marijuana card, I was hesitant. I had consistently promised my parents I would never use drugs, but a medical nurse was prescribing it for me… He told myself and others marijuana was only what people made. If you were using marijuana for medicinal purposes, it was medical marijuana and a way to help myself. If I was using marijuana just to get high, it was drugs in the worst form. I just wanted something that would help myself and others to relax at night and get out of my own head… Once I started sleeping at night, I was sure I would be feeling much better! The nurse agreed with my self-diagnosis and told myself and others to go online and go to my state’s website. I found information on how to apply for a medical marijuana ID card. Once I put in the application, he would put in his diagnosis, and after paying for the medical marijuana ID card, I would have it in a couple of weeks. He was right about the timing, and it was the smartest transfer I had ever made. I was finally able to sleep all night thanks to the medical marijuana, and it made a huge difference in my life.


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