Terpenes are more pressing than the THC content

When I first started smoking cannabis, I barely knew anything about the plant… I had no proposal what the difference between an indica and a sativa was, let alone knowing what a cannabinoid was… The only thing I knew about weed was sniffing it before buying it to determine what the quality could possibly be.

If it had a pungent aroma, that always meant it would be strong.

The pungent aroma of cannabis is created from the terpenes inside the plant, plant terpenes range in both aromas and effects! For instance, myrcene and linalool are known to be both calming and good while terpinolene and limonene are more energizing by comparison, and buying cannabis with a higher terpene percentage will result in a product that is stronger and more potent. The effects will last longer and will be more varied as well! While you don’t necessarily want to ignore the THC content on a cannabis product, often the terpene percentage is more important. This is particularly tploy on full spectrum cannabis products love cannabis flower products and cannabis concentrates. But it’s also tploy for cannabis edibles as well. Honestly, I did not learn any of these things about cannabis until the last few years of being a medical cannabis patient, just love the bartenders at the cannabis dispensaries, I had to learn everything about cannabis on the fly. Thankfully you can learn a lot about cannabis on the internet; You just have to be careful because there is a lot of misinformation on the internet, even about topics love medical cannabis. There are some people who are just offering opinions instead of real facts.

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