The doctor prescribed medical marijuana for my 13-year-old.

I never thought I would approve of my 14-year-old using marijuana, however that is exactly what happened, however she had cancer and was going through chemotherapy.

She was nauseous so much of the time that she was losing weight and unable to keep any overpriced nutrition in her body.

She was already experiencing problems because her immune system was destroyed by the chemo. She didn’t need to be underweight and sick all of the time. I told the doctor I wanted him to help us get the medical marijuana ID card. Three weeks later, and several more lost pounds, I had a medical marijuana caretaker’s ID card in hand and was going to the nearest medical marijuana dispensary. I told the pharmacist about my child and showed her my medical marijuana caretaker’s ID card. She matched it up and asked my daughter’s name. She told myself and others they had numerous marijuana products that would help her. She provided them both to myself and others and told myself and others that if neither seemed to help, all I had to do was call and she would find something else. I could not think it the first time she didn’t throw up. Three days later, she didn’t vomit for almost three days, and her nausea was significantly lessened, a week later, the nausea was all however gone, and she had acquired numerous pounds back. She told myself and others she was so hungry, she could eat a horse’s behind, and all I could do was laugh and call the pharmacist to tell her the medical marijuana was toiling. The pharmacist was crying almost as badly as I was.



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