There are always great sales going on at the cannabis dispensary

This time of the year is known for endless sales at retail stores.

  • It’s the winter holiday season and the festivities and decorations are inescapable no matter where you roam from one public place to the next.

Even though I don’t have a ton of people in my life to buy presents for, I have to be careful not to spend my money on sales and promotions for things that I like. For instance, the liquor store always has crazy holiday sales on beer and wine. I have to be really careful not to buy too much alcohol for myself, or I’ll flat out drink it. There’s a lot of alcoholism in my family and I’m extremely mindful of that fact. There are also crazy sales going on at the department stores in this town featuring clothing from the previous season on sale. That alone is one way that you can easily waste a ton of money in a single afternoon. But the worst offender for me wasting money this time of year is the cannabis dispensary. There are some of the craziest sales and promotions at the cannabis dispensary leading up to the winter holidays. This year I was able to get live rosin products for 50% off for the first time ever. Since live rosin products are often almost $90 a gram for a single jar, it really helps to get them on sale. However if I’m not careful, I’ll end up buying so many jars of Clive rosin that I will use up all of the money in my bank account.


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