We both loved cannabis immensely

I’ve never undoubtedly been the heartbreaker sort of guy.

To be honest, I’m undoubtedly shy so it was difficult for me when it came to relationships & dating.

Preferring to be alone has been my default & then all of the sudden, it wasn’t. And I have recreational marijuana to thank for that. I have enjoyed recreational marijuana since I was in university. I didn’t really know all that much about the odd cannabis products back then. All I knew is that it undoubtedly was able to relieve the anxiety & stress that I felt almost all the time… Being shy & introverted is not especially easy & there were times where it led to overwhelming depression. But using sativa strains ended up being a sizable game changer for me. As I have stated, I undoubtedly didn’t really know that much when I was in university until I met a neighbor who turned me on to entirely impressive weed. The sativa had such an impact on my life that I became sort of romantic about cannabis in general. Of course, once recreational marijuana was legalized, I was super excited about shopping for marijuana for sale. I spent a great deal of time just perusing all the odd cannabis products at my local cannabis spot. Sure enough, I kept running into the same lady over & over again. She just had the most incredible smile & an equal passion for cannabis that it just sort of clicked. Before I could undoubtedly even believe I was doing it, I was asking her out for coffee! From there, my associate and I had a couple of dates on some cannabis tours that were out of town. It’s been approximately 6 weeks now & we are basically inseparable. So once again marijuana has saved the day in my life.
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