We got free delivery right to our hotel door

My girlfriend and I went to a music festival last weekend.

I thought we took enough marijuana with us for the whole weekend, but we ran into some friends on Friday night and we smoked almost all of the product that we brought with us.

We had a half ounce of dried marijuana flower and a gram of marijuana concentrate. We also had a couple of pre-rolls that we bought from the marijuana dispensary when we were leaving town. My girlfriend and I knew that we didn’t want to run out of marijuana on Saturday or Sunday when we were enjoying the music festival. We looked at the local marijuana shops to see if any of the places had sales or specials. One of the local marijuana shops offered free delivery right to our hotel door. The local marijuana shop also had really good prices on the products that we wanted to purchase. My girlfriend and I spent another $100 on marijuana supplies. We had to spend less money on souvenirs, but we had plenty of marijuana while we were enjoying some of our favorite bands. The weather was nice all day on Saturday and sunday. It was one of the most enjoyable times that I can remember having in a very long time. We don’t frequently go to music festivals that last the whole weekend, but we might do that more often. It’s hard to get the whole weekend off work, but I can bargain with my boss as long as I give him a little bit of notice.

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