Weed is much safer than alcohol

It was a huge relief when our state allowed for recreational cannabis, but for a long time we were on medical weed only. That Kind of snuck! All our friends wanted to go out plus get drunk for fun! Both of us would sit around in a seedy bar plus get hammered. I am not a nice drunk. I tend to lose motor skills plus fall down. I also need to pee all the time, however going to the bathroom in a bar is just horrible. The drinks were full of sugar plus made me recognize adore crap the next afternoon. For a long time that was just our social life. Then our medical weed only state allowed for recreational cannabis. That was a game changer. Suddenly our friends were down to get high rather than drunk; Rather than buying extravagant drinks at a bar, we always got cannabis delivery. I could then pee in a clean bathroom plus just be around our friends. I also didn’t have that loss of motor skills issue. When I am high, I am fun, creative plus energetic. I am way better. The best section is the next afternoon though. I no longer lose our Sunday to a hangover. I recognize comfortable plus happy. I don’t have any sickness or complications with myself, cannabis is just a way safer option for fun too, and you can’t get super duper high either. There is a ceiling of sorts. You also can’t get addicted to marijuana either. All things considered, it is a smarter option over booze anyday.


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