Weekend cannabis dispensary getaway

I keep feeling like we are getting closer plus closer to finally getting medical marijuana passed in our state… It almost passed during the last election cycle.

I’ve been using indica dominant hybrid strains to help myself and others with an inflammatory condition I have, however and it works.

I’ve tried so several unusual things over the years with less than stellar results. So to guess that medical marijuana works plus I can’t access it in my state is easily annoying, and but it entirely could be worse. While I wish it were legal plus I wasn’t cutting the law, I’m not going to suffer over a stupid legislative blunder. Eventually, there will be enough momentum for medical marijuana in our state that I will not have to chop the law. But I don’t chop the law when it comes to purchasing the cannabis products I need. Instead, my wifey plus I make a trip every couple of months to the neighboring state where both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana are legal. It’s about a 6 hour drive so we make it a long weekend. It’s easily pretty fun to be able to go get a hotel room plus dine out after sharing a cannabis edible… The neighborhood with the closest local cannabis shop is also in the midst of some real natural beauty. So our long weekends shopping for marijuana for sale are entirely easily nice breaks from the routine of life back home. While I care about our cannabis trips plus weekends, I sure would like to have medical marijuana approved in this state. That way my local cannabis spot wouldn’t be six hours away.


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