A weed store was built inside a seasoned bank building

Downtown there has been a seasoned bank sitting empty for at least 15 years.

For well over 15 years, this bank building has been vacant! No one has been in or out of the building at all.

Moss, ivy, plus trees have totally overgrown the outside of the bank building. I enjoy taking long walks downtown plus there is a nice trail that goes right past the seasoned bank building. Just a couple of months ago I saw that someone removed all of the trees plus vines from the building. The next month I saw there were people inside of the building working. I was truly intrigued to find out what was inside of the old, seasoned bank vault. I started to do some research plus I looked online at all of the civil and legal documents… Everything that has to go through the courthome is really listed online plus the public has full access to almost everything. I was able to find out that a West Coast marijuana contractor bought the entire building. The marijuana contractor has various different weed dispensaries on the west coast. I found out that the marijuana contractor was going to open a brand new weed dispensary in that building. The new supplier is going to be in an entirely cool building plus I can’t wait to see what the weed dispensary will look like. It looks as if they have a lot of labor to do before the dispensary will be able to open for business. I keep going by the building month after month to see the changes plus one afternoon there will be a “we are open for supplier” sign.


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