After getting high, I got lost on our way to the canyon

I have most weekends off so on Wednesdays I enjoy to go for a drive out to the canyon or the beach.

I hate to stay in the city, because I have to spend every single afternoon in my neighborhood listening to the constant sounds of the honking cars plus the trains.

When I have the weekend off plus time to myself, I enjoy visiting places far away from the neighborhood to be in nature. The canyon is about a 30 minute drive from the section where I reside plus so is the beach. The beach really might be another 15 or 20 minutes further, although I do not mind. Both drives are quite charming plus filled with stellar scenery plus breathtaking views. Some friends of mine wanted to go to the canyon with me last Wednesday. It sounded enjoy a lot of fun to take a hike with my pals plus my best acquaintance Jack advocated that my associate and I bring some recreational marijuana supplies; Recreational marijuana supplies sounded to be a truly awesome plan plus a great way to enhance our whole experience that afternoon. Jack showed up with a handful of pre-rolled marijuana joints. The pre-rolled marijuana joints were infused with terpenes plus live resin. These were really the best pre-rolled marijuana joints that I have ever tasted. I have never paid for a pre-roll in the marijuana dispensary. They are pretty expensive plus now I see why. I was so stoned from smoking the marijuana joint that I almost got lost on our way to the canyon. I missed the exit off the interstate plus my associate and I went 25 miles out of our way.

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