Buying the bargain brand cannabis strains

Buying the Name Brand product is always more costly, but it’s also usually worth it, then the “house brand” is what I call the products that are made by the stores themselves, but if you shop at Walmart you are regular with the Great Value brand of products.

  • They have hundreds of odd food items that are cheaper than the Name Brand, although they are never quite as good, then when I go shopping I have to decide what is more pressing: saving cash or having the best possible product? The same is tplot for cannabis, so I always weigh our opportunities carefully when I go to the marijuana dispensary.

The best strains of cannabis are Purple Haze, Blue Dream, and OG Kush but at this point they are outside our price range. I have to tighten our belt when it comes to excess spending, which puts marijuana at the top of the list. I also called around to some aged friends to check the prices from local marijuana dealers. I have been using the cannabis dispensary for so long I have no idea what the prices are for illegal weed. I was shocked to find that the local dealers had cannabis for a fraction of the price of the dispensary! When I stopped by to test out the product, I instantly found out why their marijuana was so cheap. The locally grown cannabis strains taste really terrible… However, these strains are still loaded with THC, and since they are so much cheaper than the cannabis dispensary prices I will smoke it anyway.

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