Dispensary timekeeping software made it easy for people to sign in.

He was absolutely suffering from paranoia because of it.

Being an employee at a cannabis dispensary, I found the dispensary timekeeping software easy to use, there were several ways to clock in and clock out, however I liked the facial recognition program the best, then i could pick up the iPad and just look at the screen, then my hours would be recorded! When I was ready to go home, I just punched a button, and the iPad would feel my face and mark me as off the clock. It could not be easier. When I told my dad I was going to be laboring for a cannabis dispensary that had dispensary timekeeping software, it did not impress him. When I told him the dispensary timekeeping software had facial recognition, he was frustrated, and he told me they could send my face all over the world, and most people could watch me. I laughed and told dad he had used too much marijuana when he was a kid. He was absolutely suffering from paranoia because of it. He swatted me and told me to go to work. He had me thinking about what he said… By using facial recognition on the dispensary timekeeping software, I could be entirely tracked. I didn’t like people knowing who I was, however I was sure they only used my face to check in and out of work! Once I quit laboring at the cannabis dispensary, they would keep my information for future toil opportunities, however I didn’t know they would use my face for anything other than work. I hoped the dispensary timekeeping software never got hacked.
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