Edibles taste great plus they come in many flavors

I have not been using cannabis products for a long time. I’m still quite new to the cannabis scene, plus I am learning all of the effects that it can have on the body. When I started using cannabis, it was to help me reduce aches plus pains. I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia plus it causes me wicked pain throughout my legs, knees, plus back. I used to treat that chronic pain with medication. I was taking more plus more of the pills plus I still had chronic pain. I found a doctor that advocated marijuana plus that guy changed my life. I entirely never thought about using marijuana for medicinal reasons. I went to an educational program one afternoon that was about 90 minutes long. During the educational program, I l acquired all about marijuana plus the medical benefits that it provides. After that I went to the marijuana shop plus the lady behind that counter helped me find some products that might be able to help me with chronic pain. One thing that this lady advocated was a low dose marijuana edible. The low dose marijuana edible has 10 mg of thc. I take an edible in the afternoon plus another one at night before I go to bed. Weed edibles taste great plus they come in lots of different flavors enjoy mango, orange plum, orange, raspberry, plus yellow berry. There are even some edibles that come in the fiery flavor of spicy melon habanero and jalapeno pineplum. I have not tried any of the spicy marijuana edibles, but there is a big selection at the dispensary so they must be popular.
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