I bargain hunt for cannabis products

I would love for the economy to turn itself around, but I am losing hope that will ever happen.

It’s hard to believe that there was a time in this country where a person could afford to buy a house with money they made at work.

Today this is impossible. Even with a two-income home people need financing from a mortgage to afford a home. My grandpa supported six kids, owned his own house and two cars, and he did it all with one income. He wasn’t a rich man, the economy was just reasonable back then. Today the price of everything has gotten very unreasonable, even with cannabis products. I used to think that legalizing cannabis would lead to lower prices, but I was dead wrong about that. The one good thing that did come from legalization is that all of the various cannabis dispensaries have to compete with each other. I have learned to be patient, and check all the cannabis dispensaries every week to see who is hosting a sale, or offering discounts. In general all of the marijuana outlets offer similar products at similar prices. The key to saving money is to find out who has a flash sale, or a BOGO on certain cannabis strains. It also helps to be flexible, and not too insistent on only buying one kind of cannabis product. There are literally thousands of cannabis products on the market, so keep an open mind and look for a great deal. I bargain hunt for cannabis all the time, and it saves me hundreds of dollars a year.
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