I liked medical marijuana cream.

For years, I had been using those stinky pain relieving creams for neck and shoulder problems. I started using the patches, which gave temporary relief, but they always peeled where my shirt touched them, or they stuck to my hair. I soon went back to the creams and salves. My husband convinced me to use this horse liniment his mother swore by, but I ended up with a chemical burn that made the pain even worse. I had to do something, or I was soon going to lose all control of my hands. The doctor said I had a pinched nerve, but there was no surgery that would help. He told me to treat the pain and swelling, which would relieve the pinched nerve, and my hands wouldn’t shake as much. I was getting in a steaming hot shower and letting the massage setting on the showerhead massage my neck and shoulder. This worked well for part of the day, but I needed something more. I had heard they had a lotion that was high THC at the medical marijuana dispensary. I had a medical marijuana ID card, but I didn’t use it because of the cost of the marijuana. I went to the medical marijuana dispensary and asked about the lotion. I talked to the pharmacist, and she told me it was an excellent product. She gave me a bottle of the lotion and I took it home. Before the discomfort started, I lathered the lotion on my neck and shoulder. I couldn’t believe the difference it made in how I could now control my shaking and my neck wasn’t so painful. I didn’t use my medical marijuana ID before, but I will use it for the THC lotion.


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