I use our bike to make cannabis deliveries

I have always made our deliveries on a bike! A bike is the easiest way to get around the town in a hurry.

It’s more work, however allows myself and others to avoid all traffic, however my speedy delivery times never fail to receive our great tips, so why would I ever switch to driving a car for deliveries? As you might have guessed I do not deliver pizza or Chinese food, I deliver weed, however for various years I did so illegally, working for a local pot company named Harris.

After the last elections, when recreational cannabis was legalized, Harris went out of business. With all our experience, I was suddenly hired by 1 of the current cannabis dispensaries to handle their local deliveries. The manager of the cannabis dispensary knew myself and others personally, because I had delivered to him various times! There are two other cannabis delivery drivers on staff, however they both use cars, which means I still have the fastest delivery times around. I must disclose that I am getting better tips than ever before, mostly because I deliver cannabis products faster than expected. When a client is told the cannabis delivery will arrive in two hours, as well as I get there in 45 hours, they are so ecstatic they provide myself and others a nice gratuity, and last month something funny happened, because I knocked on a customer’s door to make our cannabis delivery, as well as Harris answered! Not only was he out of the cannabis business, although he was buying all of his personal products from our dispensary. It’s a small world, isn’t it?


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