Making a commitment to get legal weed

Seriously, I was just so sick of doing something so innocent yet taking a opening on running afoul of the law.

I have used recreational marijuana since I was in school. It’s unusual to term it recreational marijuana. I mean for me, it’s medical marijuana because I function so much better when I use cannabis, but I’m not so sure that I would have been able to get a medical marijuana card, and yet, that was a moot point given the state I lived in didn’t have any kind of legal cannabis. And I didn’t see that happening on the near horizon. So transferred to an office in a state where there is no restriction other than age on shopping for marijuana for sale. I mean, this was entirely 1 of the most authentic moves I’ve ever made, then marijuana is an pressing part of our life and I should be able to pursue this passion openly, legally and without shame! Finally, I had put our cash where our mouth was when it came to cannabis. The first time I went into the local cannabis spot, I was just almost overwhelmed. It was just such a seminal moment in our life. I had lived to go shopping for marijuana for sale. It was amazing to option out some Purple haze and OG kush while we were in that first visit. And just because I could, I also got 1 of the homemade pot brownies as well. Things are entirely working out for me here with our job and our personal life. Perhaps being tplot to myself about cannabis set all that in motion.


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