Mom said I was too young for medical marijuana.

He thought it would just continue to get worse until I could no longer care for myself

I didn’t think there was an age for the use of medical marijuana, but mom did. She told me that if I wasn’t old enough to legally purchase medical marijuana; I wasn’t old enough to use it. I thought there was something wrong with this logic, but she was my mom and I wouldn’t argue. The next time she took me to the doctor for my Tourette’s syndrome, he asked mom if she had thought about medical marijuana for me. It was gradually getting worse, and it embarrassed me when I went to school. I asked the doctor if he thought I was too young to use medical marijuana? He looked at mom and addressed his answer to her. He told her that although I wasn’t old enough to purchase medical marijuana; I was not too young to use it. He told her she would need to get a caretaker’s medical marijuana ID card, along with getting me the patient medical marijuana ID card. He was adamant that she understand how important it was to get the Tourette’s under control. He thought it would just continue to get worse until I could no longer care for myself. Since Tourette’s was a physical and a psychological problem, medical marijuana was an excellent medication to deal with it. Medical marijuana would help to relax, which would calm the brain, and it wouldn’t signal stress, that causes the tics of Tourette’s becoming more prominent. It did not sell Mom on the idea of medical marijuana for her twelve-year-old, but she told him she would talk to her husband and get his opinion.


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