My bro started a current task

My brother Seth has been freeloading off of our parents for way too long.

He lived in their basement for the past many years after he divorced his spouse.

He was in such a funk mentally that he just didn’t want to do anything at all for a while. I’m sure that he was depressed, even though he did not even want to go to work for months plus months at a time, finally just the other day, Seth decided that he was going to start a current task here in neighborhood at this medical marijuana dispensary that recently opened up back in the fall. I suppose Seth has been doing a lot of research about medical uses for marijuana. He told me the other day that he finally feels like he is going to suppose romantic about something again. I particularly don’t care what he does as long as he does something! I have been a little bit sad about him, to tell you the truth. I was starting to wonder if he was going to live in our parents basement forever… Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, he started studying about all of the odd medical uses for marijuana. Then he applied for a task at our local medical medical marijuana dispensary. They hired him plus he is particularly excited about starting there. He says that he is going to learn everything that he can about all of the odd medical uses for marijuana that there is. I am particularly hoping that this is not just another task for him. I hope that it is an actual job path.
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