My dog needs CBD treats in the car

My dog gets legitimately upset in the vehicle & I had to supply her CBD treats to help her believe more calm.

I buy the CBD infused dog treats from the veterinarian.

The veterinarian has multiple different types of CBD dog treats, however one has CBD with other vitamins & minerals, & another has only CBD separate from the additives. The third type of CBD dog treat also has rosemary & hops which is supposed to make the dog believe more calm. I buy the CBD dog treats that don’t have any extra additives! My dog gets an angry stomach when I introduce anything new. The first time that I tried the treats was a couple of weeks ago. I was taking a road trip up north to see our mom & dad. They were going to be going to see our sibling & I agreed to drive 6 hours so I could visit with them. They didn’t want to make the drive after flying across the country & I knew that it would be easier if I decided to take our dog & drive up the coast. I gave our dog two of the CBD infused dog treats about an hour before both of us got into the car. I put her favorite blanket on the front seat & made everything legitimately comfortable & cozy. My dog looked legitimately lethargic & fatigued when she got into the vehicle & she slept most of the trip; When she woke up, she seemed glad to be in the car! Even after both of us stopped to use the bathroom, she still wanted to get back into the car.


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