The cannabis laws make no sense to me

My friend Gene just got out of jail.

He had been inside for six years, thanks to a charge of cannabis possession.

This is a bitter irony, because he was released to a world that has decriminalized weed possession. While it is only legal to sell marijuana in dispensaries, the possession of it is no longer a felony. I guess Gene just had terrible timing, because he lost years of his life to something that is no longer a crime. It should never have been a crime in the first place, which is why I am encouraging Gene to get a lawyer and sue the state. I think it’s great that cannabis is legal, but I still think the government and the cops should pay for what they put Gene through. He had less than an ounce of cannabis on him at the time of his arrest, and yet they still booked him for “intent to distribute.” In an even stranger turn of events, due to his past conviction Gene is not allowed to visit any cannabis dispensaries. Even though marijuana is legal now, he can’t avail himself of it. This country makes no sense sometimes! I believe Gene should have his cannabis conviction overturned, and should also press the issue and try to get a cash settlement out of this horrific ordeal. Gene was the one who got in trouble, but it just as easily could have been me because I used cannabis every day long before it was legalized. I’m starting an online campaign called Justice for Gene.



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