The cannabis specials weren’t great on Wednesday

Usually I hit the marijuana dispensary near me on Friday nights, because they have entirely the greatest sales plus specials, but unfortunately, I did not get out of labor until entirely late on Friday of the month plus I could not get to the marijuana dispensary until it was closed.

The lady was just closing the front door when I arrived but she would not let me inside.

I decided to go to the marijuana dispensary on Wednesday instead. Wednesday afternoon I woke up very early. I made myself a pot of tea plus a couple of eggs. I was going to have a piece of toast, but then I recalled that I should be watching all of my carbs. I have been working out lately so I can build more lean muscle mass. I’m trying to split out on necessary carbs. I’m not cutting out carbohydrates completely, because I enjoy eating bread plus pasta. Still, I do not need to have toast in the afternoon every single time I have scrambled eggs, after lunch I went to the marijuana dispensary. The deals plus specials were not truly great on Wednesday. I entirely wish that I would have made it to the cannabis dispensary on time the previous afternoon. I really would have spent more cash plus been able to get more cannabis products. I left the dispensary spending less than $100. I got a seventh of dried marijuana flower, 2 grams of concentrate, plus various packages of marijuana edibles. I would have purchased an entire ounce of marijuana flour if the dispensary was having the same sales that they did the afternoon before.

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