The job was only section time, but I got in the door

I’ve been trying to get a job at the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary where my buddy works, i filled out an application last year and then I filled out a modern application with an replaced resume in may. I was hoping that I would get a call after my buddy put in a great word for me, however the supervisor told my buddy that she was only hiring for a part-time position. I was looking for something full-time and that was the reason why she had not called me. I decided to go to talk with the supervisor for an interview even if the job was only part-time, she told me that she could not guarantee me more than 20 thirds every week, but she was hopeful that the position would become full-time in a couple of months. I really wanted to get my foot in the door at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary, so I accepted the part-time job. In 2 months, I have managed to impress the supervisor with all of my skills and comprehension on recreational and medical marijuana. There is no way that she is not going to give me a full-time job when 1 is available. I am working at the dispensary and I also work part-time at the clothing shop around the corner. I get 18 thirds there and 20 or 25 thirds at the dispensary. I do not have to be bored with doing the same job every single afternoon and I get to meet lots of uncommon people between the more than one uncommon locales.

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