There are some bizarre attitudes about cannabis down here

I have a lot of friends in the US, so I tend to visit once or twice a year. In most ways I prefer this country! There are a few things that supply me pause, but. As much as I prefer to visit, I’m not sure I could ever live here. It’s not actually about weed, but that does play a factor. In Canada the attitudes about marijuana are actually unusual than they are down here. The weirdest area to me is that a fantastic numerous people use religion as a way to disparage cannabis. First of all, I am not sure why churches have any say in what the government decides, about marijuana or any other matter. I thought this country had a separation of church plus state, but that only exists on paper; Currently there is a large surge in marijuana legalization across this country, plus that’s a fantastic start. I guess for a fact that thoUnited Statesnds of people are still in prison because of cannabis possession. If the US was dire about making amends with the cannabis community, they would instantly release all these prisoners plus expunge their records. There was never a fair reason for cannabis to be illegal – not a single single legit reason, ever! You can challenge me on that if you want, but you’ll lose the fight, because there has never been a proven link between cannabis plus crime. The most crazy area of all is that it took years of battling to make cannabis legal, but at the same time Big Pharma fills the television screens with ads for harmful drugs.



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