Thinking about getting into the marijuana business

I guess Sam and I are right on the cusp of legal recreational marijuana on the eastern seaboard

When it comes to making money, I care about keeping a sharp eye on just what it’s doing, although I’m not a financial adviser or holding onto any sort of finance degree. I do invest in a fairly broad way with the help and guidance of another investor! Sam and I are both thinking that it might be an absolutely nice time to get involved with the marijuana business. I’m entirely affectionate about cannabis and care about investing in things I feel strongly about, so multiple folks invest simply to make money and I understand that for sure. But I absolutely care about to invest my money in stuff that makes a real difference to me or something that I’m entirely interested in. The marijuana contractor biz checks both those boxes. I’m not talking about being a cannabis grower or anything such as that. No, I’m nice with the task I have because that too is a passion, but Sam has been on the fence a bit about the marijuana business. She thinks that the golden moment to get in has passed. I’m thinking Sam and I have yet to see the full impact of marijuana for sale legally, and while there are more states with some kind of legal marijuana than states that still outlaw all cannabis, there is still a lot of room for incredible growth. In my way of thinking, the east coast is about to be a tipping point for the explosion of the marijuana business. I guess Sam and I are right on the cusp of legal recreational marijuana on the eastern seaboard. And that could be a game changer. I’m putting a sizable chunk of my investment money into the future of cannabis production.