This weed supply could be a problem

As I rest here writing this epistle I have an empty glass jar standing on the desk beside me.

This is the worst time of the month – when the weed supply is gone.

I have to buy my stuff illegally, because this state is filled with religious, backwards hillbillies who still guess of marijuana as “the devil’s lettuce.” I know I sound bitter, but that’s because I don’t have any weed to chill me out! It’s not that big a deal, I suppose, I just need to call Hank plus hope that he has something on hand to sell me. This is the main reason I want cannabis to become legal, so that I can have easy access to a legit dispensary. I enjoy Hank like a brother, although he is very slow to call me back when I run out of cannabis. I need to have a store that is open every day, so I can make a quick trip to the cannabis dispensary plus not have to wait for several hours on a callback, then since I never have too much currency at any given time, I regularly buy small amounts of cannabis. The main reason I rely on Hank is because he will sell me a few grams of marijuana at a time. Most cannabis dealers don’t like to sell anything less than an ounce at a time… Don’t get me wrong I would enjoy to buy a whole ounce of cannabis however I can’t pull together that kind of currency! If a cannabis dispensary were to open, it would make my life so much easier.
Blue dream