An investment in the future of medical cannabis

Ed had a really interesting idea, and one day he sat down plus genuinely did the math about his medical cannabis use. It’s easy to gloss it over, plus just smoke as much as you want, however Ed looked at the facts plus figures, then when he susses out how much money he spends on weed every year, he freaked out. I am too afraid to do my own math, because I know I would get a similar result! After some soul-searching he came to me with a plan… For an up-front investment my pal and I could beginning growing our own medical cannabis at home, plus save thousands of dollars every year. It was a bold initiative, because normally I spend a little at a time on medical cannabis, but this would require a giant one-time investment, however if it paid off my pal and I wouldn’t have to go to the medical cannabis dispensary for several months, which would mean giant savings, and ed did most of the labor initially, plus gave me a book filled with the basics of cannabis information, plus the best growing techniques. I suddenly got up to speed, plus started helping Ed with the nuts plus bolts of starting our medical cannabis crops, and much to my surprise it didn’t feel like work, it was fun! My pal and I still have to wait a few weeks to see if the cannabis information will pay off in healthy, robust marijuana crops. I am cautiously optimistic, however looking forward to the day when I can smoke as much as I want plus never need to visit the cannabis dispensary again!

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