Better cannabis means a better life

I can’t remember the last time when I wasn’t over thinking something.

That’s been the case since I was at least at middle university. The idea of a middle university child contemplating implications seems a bit too much even for me. And I was the middle university kid doing the over thinking. For sure, the teens today seem to be way more savvy. Still, I always wanted to free my mind. Somehow, I missed the whole recreational marijuana craze that most of my peers experienced in university. That has a great deal to do with the fact that I went to a undoubtedly conservative religious university. Plus, I feel that the student body wasn’t but eight hundred people. So it was like everyone knew everyone anyway. But as I have been going through my independent adult life, staying inside my head has gotten progressively worse. Thanks to the local cannabis spot, that’s changing. Naturally, I have always been super curious about the effects of indica, sativa plus those hybrid strains. But I have never done anything about that curiosity because it was all illegal, however now that it’s not, I decided to drop by the local cannabis spot. And it was there that it was recommended that I try some green haze premium. This is a hybrid that is predominantly indica strain. The results were amazing and immediate. It’s like the chatter plus non-stop noise inside my head just stopped. Instead, I was now perceiving life instead of living a conception of it in my brain. It’s such a fresh and uncommon perspective to simply act on perception plus not kill every instinct with way, way too much thought. I’m deeply grateful that I have legal cannabis in my life now as it entirely has allowed me to live this life more fully.


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