Big date assist from cannabis edible

I’m for sure not the sort of guy who just goes up to women and tries to chat chat them up.

That’s really just not my thing.

And I also kind of think that chatting up every single girl out there is kind of gross anyway. However, I finally asked out this woman that I have been so crazy about from afar. Thanks to a bit of a boost from the local cannabis spot, our first date was pretty amazing. I have been friendly with this person since she came to work in our office. We work on separate teams but we see each other quite often. I felt something from the very first and thought I perceived a bit of a spark being reflected from her end. Turns out I was right. But it took me more than six months just to ask her out for coffee. She ended up suggesting having coffee at the local cannabis cafe. That right there was another sign that she and I might just have something more in common. Sort of a like minds thing I guess. It was a lovely 45 minute talk that then encouraged me to ask her on a proper date a week later. To my total surprise, I got an immediate yes. So before I picked her up for our dinner out, I stopped by the local cannabis spot for some cannabis edibles. They really do help me mellow out. So we’re at dinner and I figure why not be honest about the weed and split the edible with her? So I reach out to offer it to her and she laughed. That’s when she pulled out her own cannabis edible. We ended up having a wonderful, wonderful night that has left to a really cool relationship.


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