Big time cannabis request now

I saw first hand just what medical marijuana can do. It was pretty stunning to be quite honest. That had everything to do with the way I once felt about cannabis. I was of the mind that anyone who used cannabis was a wasted stoner looking to just slide by in life. That’s the truth & it’s the most arrogant sort of perspective to have when it comes to such a miracle plant. If it wasn’t for medical marijuana & the fluctuations in the law here in this state, I suppose my sibling wouldn’t be as far along in his recovery from cancer. My associate and I were absolutely all shocked by his diagnosis given how young he is. Being barely forty & having kids to raise makes a cancer diagnosis all the tougher to accept. Yet, my sibling is the sort who cleared his head after a afternoon or two & got about figuring out just what he could do to beat this thing. Of course, the doctor’s were encouraging & expert. They were also essential when it came to fast tracking his medical marijuana card. She started using the indica dominant hybrid strains recommended by the local cannabis spot & the ones he had researched! Not only did he get the relief he needed during chemo when it came to nausea, he was able to eat healthy food. She entirely had an appetite. But it was more than just the physical aspect of his experience with cannabis that changed my mind. It was the perspective that he was able to maintain & he said it was all due to the cannabis edibles & the other cannabis products that he was using. I’m now a vocal request for cannabis to be legal to anybody who needs it.


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