Cannabis cafe afternoons are easy

I’m not convinced that I would have signed up for all of this life had I known how freaking taxing it would be.

There was none of that stuff for me. My parents plus all my educators were focused on getting me to meet this grand potential they thought I possessed. That was unusual in itself. But I did what I was told. I stayed away from all of the recreational marijuana available at college, I studied hard plus graduated in a field where I was employable. Seems like that was a little less than what I should have been shooting for. Yet, that’s the way it goes. The next thing I know, I’m a trained professional plus a mother plus a partner plus all of these other hats that have to be worn. Thankfully, there is a local cannabis cafe. When marijuana was legalized here, I didn’t know all that much about it. While I tried to stay away from cannabis when I was in college, I had tried some over the years. It was fun and pleasurable for sure. I know the first cannabis product I ever smoked was some sativa called green kush. And like I said, I enjoyed it. But the next afternoon, I was right back to trying to accomplish more than is possible. A year after recreational marijuana was made legal, the cannabis cafe opened up. And this is now my refuge from the life that I’m not sure that I was all ready to sign up for. Just when I’ve had almost more than I can handle, I make time to start an afternoon off in the cannabis cafe. Either alone or with friends sharing my marijuana edible, I find the balance plus perspective I need to keep going with this thing called life.


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