Cannabis delivery for us

My wife was in the midst of pulling together a large breakfast that we had planned a while back. This is something that we like to do and was born out of all the time we were stuck at home during the pandemic. There was a knock at the door and she asked me to get it. I asked what she was expecting and she responded that it was a cannabis delivery. I nodded and proceeded to get our cannabis delivery from the cool woman who does this for the local cannabis spot. It’s hard to believe that I opened the door to acquire some OG kush and some blue dream like I was getting Chinese food. But that’s the normal thing now that the cannabis dispensary offers a marijuana delivery service. That also started with the pandemic as so many who rely on cannabis products to manage maladies were unable to get to the cannabis dispensary. So that night, we enjoyed two things that were born out of having to be locked down inside our home during that year and when the pandemic was raging! My wife and I have regularly been into food and wine so we did miss dining out. But that led us to get more into preparing breakfasts that we might order from a menu. It’s great fun and we trade off being each other’s sous chef while the other plans and cooks the meal, enjoying some sativa or indica products prior to kneeling down to breakfast makes the evening that much more lovely. And being able to rely upon marijuana delivery maintenance is just another bonus.


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